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Warning lights repairs and fault code readings in Northumberland

At Coquet Motor Company, we provide all your diagnostic testing and repair needs for our customers. Serving customers in Northumberland and surrounding areas we have the latest technology in diagnostic testing to ensure we can successfully and efficiently find the cause of any car problems you might be having. Book online today for a diagnostic test tailored to your vehicle. We can test any make or model of car, van or light commercial vehicle.

Modern vehicles and diagnostics

All modern cars come equipped with an Engine Control Unit (ECU) which is essential to checking your engine, brakes and electrical components within your car. It is constantly running and sending signals throughout your vehicle to ensure that everything is running smoothly. When a problem is identified, the system presents a warning light on your dashboard. Whilst the light indicates the general area where the problem is such as your brakes, lights, oil etc. It can be hard to identify the exact location and problem without taking your vehicle apart and checking under the bonnet.

Diagnostic test

A diagnostic test, therefore, enables our technicians to find the cause of any problems without invading your vehicle. The diagnostic fault reader connects to your vehicle’s ECU, identifying the make and model of your car. It then reads your system specific to your vehicle and determines the exact location of any issues. The fault read then presents a code onto the display that our expert technicians can translate. With this translation, we can then prepare a plan and provide an accurate quotation for your car repairs. Without a diagnostic test, the labour time could take hours and cost a lot more when it comes to your vehicle repairs. Therefore, it enables more affordable, efficient repairs for our customers. It allows us to find solutions fast and get your vehicle back on the road a lot quicker.

Repairs to your vehicle

At Coquet Motor Company, we provide a full accurate quote after your diagnostic test. With this comes a breakdown of the repairs that need doing to get your car back on the road. Our friendly team provide an explanation where needed and are always honest and upfront about any costs. With your approval, we’ll get the repairs completed in a timely manner with quality workmanship you can rely on.

Booking your diagnostic test online

With Coquet Motor Company you can now book all your MOT, servicing, repairs and diagnostics online 24/7. Our booking tool is easy to use, and you won’t need to pay until the work is done. By entering your car registration you’ll get access to upfront pricing and servicing schedules to find the right service that suits you. Book your diagnostic test online using our booking tool. We provide a quality diagnostic that ensures we find the cause of any engine trouble you might be having. We can diagnose warning lights and provide a comprehensive repair plan with an accurate quotation. With your approval, we’ll get to work on your repairs getting you back on the road. All our repairs come with genuine quality parts and workmanship guaranteeing that your vehicle runs smoother for longer.

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